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Electra JB 1.3.1

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Changelogs and Previous versions
  1. Increase JB success rate on A7 - A8 on 11.2+
  2. Update liboffsetfinder64 to latest version
Download: GitHub
SHA1: b3061f14602638efa72d78793e4a3da69d109df2
Mirror: Mega
  1. No longer require platformization to control launchd (requires tweaks switch enabled)
  2. Replace jailbreakd with jailbreakd2 (Next-gen fully-async jailbreakd with prioritization and a faster queuing system)
  3. jailbreakd2: Fix freezing in low memory conditions
  4. jailbreakd2: Faster ldrestarts, resprings
  5. jailbreakd2: XCode debugging success rate improved (click continue in the debugger on SIGCONT to proceed debugging)
Download: GitHub
SHA1: 120a9ea24c48fedf7902c3c1b6f31ec844d4459b
Mirror: Mega
  1. Fix a bug in v1ntex that resulted a kernel panic later in Step 2
  2. Actually test on an A7 device on 11.4 (thanks PastRestore on discord)
Download: GitHub
SHA1: 8f2fef37eb59b99f28c059d0e45988cf8cbf1c3e
Mirror: Mega
  1. Fix offsetfinder path issue for A7 & A8 devices on 11.4-11.4.1
Download: GitHub
SHA1: 99f8263e4ab44837d0ed99f826ec378927f4622a
Mirror: Mega
  1. Fix sandbox issues causing app crash on A7 & A8 devices on 11.4-11.4.1
  2. Fix post-exploitation (stage 2) failures on A7 & A8 devices on 11.2 - 11.4.1
Download: GitHub
SHA1: 524381aa7867e1a808a662f14d0c339d64398bc7
Mirror: Mega
  1. Replace threadm1ll exploit with v1ntex for A7 & A8 devices on 11.2-11.4.1
  2. Fix initial ldrestart not working on some devices
Download: GitHub
SHA1: 60150940ab71641d46972bcf9da073a144c9e5f4
Mirror: Mega
  1. Fix async_wake so jailbreaking 11.0-11.1.2 works properly
  2. Fix nonce generator button not working
Download: GitHub
SHA1: ad3806e6156433791920b627c3b7925b08559725
Mirror: Mega
  1. Fix build number so 11.4 - 11.4.1 works properly
Download: GitHub
SHA1: 5d32b12213aa517348542c8a965a42a1bbec35b0
Mirror: Mega
  1. Supports iOS 11.4 - 11.4.1
  2. Add async_wake exploit to add support for iOS 11.0 - 11.1.2
  3. Use voucher_swap exploit instead of empty_list for iOS 11.2 - 11.4.1
  4. Add threadm1ll exploit as an option for iOS 11.2 - 11.4.1 users on A7 or A8 devices
  5. Fix overnight reboots
  6. Reverted app to git commit 9d9762bdf46f19c4082d82798af41ca273fb0e37 before all code was rewritten from there forward
Download (mptcp): GitHub
Codesigning entitlements: Here
SHA1: f761c712ff6d52bd3c4edba45032f36c62967ad4
Mirror: Mega

Download (vfs): GitHub
SHA1: c905b4358b2301970da0c4f60d2041cd7e89bf13
Mirror: Mega
  1. Update APT and dpkg packages for Sileo
  2. Split cydia into a base and GUI package, so it may be installed alongside Sileo
  3. Fix occasional data abort kernel panics
  4. Fix occasional freezes that would result in a kernel panic from a watchdog timeout
  5. Improve reliability of vfs exploit (thanks externalist/FCE365)
  1. tvOS Only - Fix bugs with 1.0.4 causing long and unreliable JB process
Download (tvOS): GitHub
SHA1: 74dd0843670d55b9c7cde36c2c738ead7a484f15
Mirror: Mega
  1. Initial release for tvOS (huge thanks to nitoTV and Jaywalker!)
Download (mptcp): GitHub
SHA1: 4c6e34a40621de2cd59cb3ebdf650307f7ccda93
Mirror: Mega

Download (vfs): GitHub
SHA1: 8fa140a5a63377a44ff8ea4aa054605d261f270d
Mirror: Mega
  1. Add support for 11.4 beta 1 - 11.4 beta 3 (multipath only tested on these firmwares)
Download (mptcp): GitHub
SHA1: 017bd7f36677032d8222edc6b6772297d4f1a570
Mirror: Mega

Download (vfs): GitHub
SHA1: b7469a14e0c6d9bb8a97622eee69f76f8ea38f26
Mirror: Mega
  1. Use different bundle identifier for mptcp version
  2. Increment bundle id properly
  3. Hopefully fix success rate regression with multipath 1.0.1
Download (mptcp): GitHub
SHA1: 8f70918db1776897d582419964c07fd2f0f77bbf
Mirror: Mega

Download (vfs): GitHub
SHA1: 7bada20f01d09f9405ad63d094c058836e5a0334
Mirror: Mega
  1. Fix app icon not showing up for certain users
  2. Fix nonce Generator not being set certain times
Download (mptcp): GitHub
SHA1: 97744c3aa1d1391f95b4512f29edfdb150508a7c
Mirror: Mega

Download (vfs): GitHub
SHA1: 7452c30c8408c999e9a951caabfc022907f27df1
Mirror: Mega
  1. Initial Release!
Electra for 11.0-11.1.2: Here
Important Information
  • On iOS 11.3-11.3.1, the device will reboot twice and Electra will need to be re-run after the first reboot
  • An APFS snapshot is created of / so you may revert it at a later date if needed
  • It is recommended to futurerestore if you have blobs before running Electra to ensure the best possible installation
  • Cydia is included
  • OpenSSH is running on port 22
  • Electra repo added by default
  • Substitute, Tweak Loader and Substrate Compatibility Layer available from Electra repo
  • Many packages need to be updated for both Electra and iOS 11 (make sure they're updated before installing as they may not work yet)
  • RocketBootstrap 1.0.6 or higher is required for use on iOS 11
  • Many apps, launch daemons and installation binaries are broken as they require entitlements to be added
  • Packaged by CoolStar
  • Exploits by Ian Beer (async_wake), Brandon Azad (voucher_swap) and tihmstar (v1ntex)
  • tvOS port by nitoTV and Jaywalker
  • Trust cache injection and rootfs patch by xerub
  • Zone map address fixup by Siguza
  • Rootfs remount exploit discovered by CoolStar
  • jailbreakd, launchd patch, setuid patch, dylib injection and Safe Mode by CoolStar
  • amfid patch and entitlement injection by theninjaprawn
  • unlocknvram, initial dropbear work, substitute compilation fix by stek29
  • sandbox mitigations by stek29 and coolstar
  • MIG protocol implementation by PsychoTea
  • Designed by aesign

492212 devices successfully jailbroken!​
Electra is a free JB tool for iOS 11.0 - 11.3.1. It is recommended to futurerestore before running Electra. Although Electra itself should be safe, we are not responsible for any damage that may be caused to your iOS installation by any tweaks or executables you load after the JB.
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